Whilst on the subject of clowns

Clowns are a strange phenomenon. They're trying to be funny, but usually they're not. To be called a clown is an insult, it means you're not taken seriously. Why do clowns exist at all? These next pics are just strange and creepy.

Has he stolen it? Or is something worse at hand?






Are you sitting comfortably?

Lets talk about love, baby.

What is this guy on?  No, I don't mean his bike.

So long folks!  See you after the weekend

Rug Love

I have been obsessed with this Matthew Williamson rug from The Rug Company for a little while. I would love one of these for our new house but I think it will definitely be way out of our price range. The colours used are divine and I just love the pattern. Doesn't it look beautiful with that pink sofa and I especially like it placed on the white painted timber floors!

It's that McDonalds Experience

I can eat the stuff at a push if I'm hungry. I'm no health food fanatic. What bothers me is the Clown.

Don't make the clown angry!


Ok, so my reaction isn't that extreme. But not far off.

It's Mrs McDonald?

All in the best possible taste. Hey Ron, too many burgers?

How inviting!!

Ok, I'm being cynical.

Look Out!  He's behind you!!


Funny Ads - Hillary Special KFC Menu

I do not know if Hillary found out. A little while ago you could have visited KFC and grab a special Hillary Special. Of course, there is no mention that the talk was about Hillary Clinton but we know better don't we?

Celebrity Funny Pictures - The Chippendales are back for a Reunion Tour

Now would you go visit the reunion tour of the Chippendales in the event that it happens like this? I don't think many women will agree with this.

Set of Vintage Plates

A pretty set of plates are available on Vintage by Lou Lou's Ebay store as above. Don't they look wonderful hung on that aqua wall?!

It's time to think about the seaside again.

Ok, so I cant surf. But I just like these pics.



aaagh again!


which way is up?

and which way is down?

This way I think.

Perfect Photo. 

And back to the shore.

Christie Brinkley's Dining Room

I adore this image {above} of Christie Brinkley's dining room as styled by Kim Ficaro. In particular I am in-love with the April Gornik painting hanging in the background with those gorgeous silver vases filled with peonies on the dining table. Such a beautiful composition!

Love the fabric on her sofa too!!


Life as I know it just doesn't seem to be getting any slower or less hectic. Sometimes I crave a more subdued life but I suppose that's just not me. I am one who loves things happening and if I wasn't complaining about how hectic everything is then I would be complaining about how boring and uninteresting everything is.

You see, I am juggling a few large balls in the air at the moment along with being pregnant with our second child, due to arrive early May {thought it was about time to disclose this information as clients have been looking at me in a strange way too scared to say "have you put on weight or are you pregnant?"}, we are renovating the shop which is very, very exciting. After being there for 10 years now, it is time for a freshen up and as the business has grown we are desperate for more space.

We have taken over more floor space in the upstairs section of our building which will accommodate a large client meeting room, my new office which I will share with Kelly who project manages all our work, and a large fabric sample room. This will enable the shop downstairs to extend through to the back of the building where my office and client meeting room is currently. With the arrival of our beautiful Stuart Membery pieces of furniture due late April/early May this extra shop space is going to be wonderful!

Here's a sneak peek above of upstairs. I took this photo on Friday. The painters are almost finished. The floors are still to be sanded and painted {white gloss} and lighting installed. We should be up-and-running upstairs sometime within the next month. I can't wait to have a special room to meet clients in. Downstairs has become so crazy and jam packed...an obvious sign that it was time to expand upstairs.

Not only are we renovating the shop, with the arrival of a newborn on the horizon, we have bought a new house which is larger than our current cottage with more land as well. Although I will be so sad to say good-bye to our little house {and the fact that I didn't really get to finish it off the way I wanted to} it just won't accommodate our needs with our growing family. The new house, which is actually a very old house and was built in 1887, is going to be a wonderful project which I will keep you all updated on as we move forward.

So, with all that is going on it was nice to spend some time pottering around the cottage this weekend. I was inspired by the vignette I posted on Friday to move a few of my things around. I purchased some orchids and clustered them on our entry table on a silver tray my mother gave me. Whilst I pottered around, Ned just couldn't help but bring lots of mud into the house on the white floors. So many people ask me how I feel about our white floors. I must say they are so hard to keep clean with a big Golden Retriever bouncing in and out of the house but I do love them and continue to put up with having to have them cleaned 3-4 times per week.

Anyway, that's it from me for now. There are a few more very exciting things in the pipeline but those things are for another day. I just thought I would bring you up-to-speed with what's been happening in my world lately.



all images - anna spiro

Pretty Table Vignette

I love a good table vignette and this one by Kim Ficaro certainly ticks all the boxes for me. So pretty! Have a great weekend. See you next week.

Image - Kim Ficaro Stylist via Aubrey Road

Working On

Here's a little scheme I put together today for a client who lives in the country. She is wanting a simple, classic look. She loves blue and white and natural but wanted me to inject some colour to liven the look a little. These are the fabrics I selected for her for some new cushions, curtains, blinds, recovering of 2 chairs. Her room is all-white and she has timber floors....a perfect backdrop. We are going to use a sisal rug on the floor in the lounge area and some colourful accessories mixed with piles of books in the new built-in bookcase.

Betsy's Office

I know everybody has probably seen this but I just had to post it. I absolutely ADORE Betsy Burnham's office as featured in this month's Lonny. It is very much in tune with the look I love.

Rita's Sofa Update

Sofa Before

It really is amazing what some new fabric on a sofa or chair can do to a room. Look at Rita Konig's sofa update above. I think the fabric she chose is perfect. Doesn't it make a difference?! I often encourage clients to recover existing pieces. It's one of the most effective ways of updating a room along with adding some beautiful new cushions and maybe a few accessories as well.

Rita Konig now writes a blog for the New York Times. She is the daughter of Nina Campbell fabric designer. Images by Rita Konig.

Today I Love...

I adore the photos Julie posted of her home today. I have posted a couple of photos above but you must visit Julie's blog, Shelter to see more!! It is stunning!

A Bridge tooo far

This is worth the risk.


mmm, maybe not this time.

It's nice to look at, thats about all.

Ha Ha , you're kidding! 

How quaint, and dodgy.

Ok, I'd go for it.

A bike's about all I'd take over here, not at night, not in the winter, not when it's raining, not ever after even 1 beer. 

This one, never. 

Ha ha ha, is it really a bridge?

Just to make my point, here it is again. No, it's not a bridge, just a death trap .I'll send the wife over first.