A Pretty Boat House

Look at this pretty Boat House....so lovely and inviting. What a perfect spot for a Summer Holiday.

Image 1 & 2 - Mike Newling

Random Funny Pictures - Double Urinal

Now you have to tell me the truth. Would you even consider sharing this urinal with your friend. He can even be your best friend. Now seriously, would anyone actually use this one?

Funny Cat Pictures - Really Strong Cat

Now this is a strong cat. Nobody should even think about messing with her. Just look at that car sitting in the air. And the cat looks like it is not making any effort whatsoever.

Funny Cat Pictures - Praying Cat

"Forgive me Father for Stealing the Child's Ball and Playing With It. I did not know that he will start crying. Now I feel awful about it. Please make him stop crying. I will not give the ball back though"

Funny Monkey Pictures - Who Will Win?

So who do you think is going to win this race? Will it be the baby? Will it be the Monkey?

Funny Ads - Bikes are Cool for Everybody

Now this is the way to keep fit. You surely need to find something for the upper part of the body too. Would you buy a bike that came with this ad?

Funny Ads - All You Can Eat

Now this is really funny. It is surelly one funny ad that would make me stop and eat at this fast food stop/restaurant/whatever it is.

Random Funny Pictures - Do Not Do It

When the guys in the front row put up the signs they surely did not expect this to happen. Imagine the surprise they will get when they look behind them.

Funny Sports Pictures - What Was He Thinking

So what is this NBA player thinking here? Does he want to stop the attacker or just feel him close?

Funny Women Pictures - Lost Puppy

Have You seen My Dog? Last time I saw him we were watching TV. I went to get a second cookie box and then I never saw him. Please let me know if you find out anything. He may be small but he has a great heart.

Kathryn Ireland Book Signing at Black & Spiro

I am so thrilled to announce that U.S. Interior Designer Kathryn Ireland will be doing a book signing for the launch of her beautiful new book, Kathryn M. Ireland Creating a Home, at Black & Spiro on Monday 8th February, 2010 at 12 noon.

I am extending an invitation to all my blog readers, clients and friends to attend this very exciting event here at Black & Spiro.

Please email me for further details if required. anna@blackandspiro.com.au

We look forward to seeing you. Everyone is welcome.

Black and Spiro
768 Brunswick Street
New Farm Qld 4005
Ph - 07 3254 3000

Image 1 & 2 via cote de texas, Image 3 via Kathryn Ireland

Celebrity Funny Pictures - Trouble in Beckham Paradise

There is nothing that special in a man looking at the back side of a hot cheerleader. The problems appear when that man is David Beckham and his wife is sitting right next to him. Needless to say that she did not find her husband looking at other butts something flattering. No sex for you tonight David.

Funny Women Pictures - The Wife is Helping

Needless to say that this is hilarious. It is proof that a tractor can move without a tire if you have your wife near you.

Random Funny Pictures - Rapist Sketch

HMMMM. This is a great way to hide or simply a picture of someone that looks a lot like him. What do you think? In any case, this funny picture is a classic.

Celebrity Funny Pictures - Good Work George

Needless to say that it is times at these that people are proud that they are American. It is also a time when George Bush proves to us that there might be a lot of truh in all the Bush Jokes out there. I wonder how long it took till this problem was solved.

Funny Ads - ACDC Christian School

Well, what can I say. When the song was Thunderstruck I never imagined why this was the choice. Now I see it. AC-DC, now I know

Celebrity Funny Pictures - Obama Condoms

I wonder if Barack Obama knows about this. Well, there are many Barack Obama Jokes out there so pictures do help out for a good laugh.

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Cool Cat

Big & Bold in 2010

Sonia Arriola's report on this years Maison et Objet in Paris reveals that a trend for large scale prints, bold colour pairings, denim blue, and neutrals that shimmer will be all the rage in 2010. I loved this image she shared on her flickr of some curtains hanging in the Dedar showroom in Paris...the fabric was apparently created to represent a digital print. To me they even look a bit ikatish!

Image - Katherine Kostreva

Funny Funny Pictures - edited photoshop pictures

I See It

More strange and wonderful soldiers.

A few more of these foto's of our uniformed friends.

Don't get up on my account, soldier. It's just my birthday, thats all.

Yeah, that's one reason, the other is we didn't like taking showers with men, who liked taking showers with men.

Fraternising with the enemy can sometimes tempting.

But, pin ups are safer. 

Stick and stones, a new Chinese secret weapon, ooh I'm scared!

Now they're shouting at me. That's it, I'm going home.

Happy Australia Day!

To me today is all about being with family and friends {near somewhere to swim!!} and being so grateful for this wonderful place we live in.

Oh, and every single time I hear THIS SONG and THIS SONG I get goose bumps all over...

image 1 - Francois Hallard, Image 2 - Christine Rudolph

Funny Videos - Learn English Commercial

Well, this is considered to be one of the funniest commercials ever. I suppose it was banned eventually but it does not matter. You should really learn English and this is why.

Funny Videos - Do You Know Who I Am

This is something that we all have to do at one point in time, especially if you do not go to college to often. You might just get away with that.

Adult Funny Pictures - What a Day for a Beer and...

I tell you. It is all about position. All that is important is where you stand and you can go out with a great memory that you can show to your kids when they ask you strange questions when you are old. This picture has a lot of old age "wisdom" in it.

Funny Cat Pictures - Cat Driving

This is one smart cat. She is so good an animal driver that she can actually drive with one paw while with the other she shows a piece of her mind to all the dog lovers out there that think cats are stupid.

The Biggest Cat Ever

This is a funny video of a cat that is simply huuuuge. I never saw such a big cat before. Now the entire video is just a funny cat picture with a soundtrack that is basically a song that is kind of GAY. Just turn down your speakers when looking at the cat.

A Lovely Bathroom

I've been looking through my saved bathroom images for some inspiration for an upcoming project and this one which was featured in a recent edition of Living Etc. which Kelly posted late last year keeps jumping out at me. I adore the frilling detail on the black and white stripe curtain and of course the all-white colour palette is divine!

Funny Dog Pictures - Mom and Son

This is not actually a funny dog picture but it is all so cute. I just had to post it.

Funny Food Pictures - The Baked Computer

This is a great gift for a 200 pounds 18 year old kid that loves playing computer games.

Funny Cat Pictures - No to the New Cat

It guess that this cat does not like competition. It does not matter if you get a real cat or an ornament that looks like a cat. The old cat does not want anything that resembles a cat in the house and this is the final saying.

Funny Animal Pics - Are You My Dinner

UHHHHHH! Are You My Dinner?
NO Sir, I am just passing by. Now Can you let me go?
I think you ARE my dinner!

Funny Animal Pics - One Big Happy family

They say that Christmas brings all people together. It seems that it also brings pets together. A cat, a dog and a mouse are all happy in front of the Christmas tree.

Funny Cat Pictures - Do You See The Resemblance?

Can You See the resemblance? They got the extra unreal animal as a toy for the cat. As you can see the cat is not really happy about it.

Adult Funny Pictures - Have You Been Laid Lately?

So what do you think? Was this guy laid lately? Well...what we see might be not right. He might have more sex than we do.

Adult Funny Pictures - Hands Bra

This is definitely one of the funniest bras I have ever seen. When I first saw this adult funny picture I thought that there was someone behind her. Guess that bra has a lot of comments attached to it.

Funny Monkey Pictures - Spikes are in Fashion

Spikes are in fashion for monkeys but I wonder: is he trying to just be cool or is he listening to punk music alone at home?

Funny Monkey Pictures - Give Me a Hand

OK so how can I get such a treatment session from my girlfriend? Just laying down and her doing everything for me! :)

Funny Cat Pictures - Lion Cat

That explains why some cats viciously attack dogs without having any fear whatsoever.

Funny Women Pictures - Anual Meeting Of...

Well... The text says it all. I am sure even women agree.

Funny Women Pictures - Should She Flash?

I do not think there is a need to add anything else. This is a funny picture but still... At least she is having fun.