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New Bits at Black & Spiro

We've finally received our delivery of Megan Park cushions in at Black & Spiro along with some of our other lovely cushions {top image}. I thought I would take a couple of photos of some other bits which we just received in last week. The little Antique brass mirror is one of my favourite things in the shop at the moment and the colourful ginger jar lamp bases are divine!!

For all enquiries, please email us

Ashgrove House

Images above and below you may be able to spot the floor in the sun room to the left which we had painted in a green and white stripe. We will be doing some beautiful white cane pieces upholstered in lovely bright fabrics in this area in the New Year.

Here are some photos of a job I finished off this morning for a lovely, lovely client at Ashgrove. The brief was to create an area which was fresh, bright, colourful and family friendly. This is what I created.

Black & Spiro Today

I love the new painting we have just received into the shop by Diana Favell...thought you would love to see a photo of it. It's so big and gorgeous!!

How much is that doggie in the window?

I brought Ned into work today in an attempt to cheer myself up. His favourite spot in the entire store was sitting in the front window next to our beautiful new curtains watching the traffic and passers-by. I couldn't resist snapping this photo above.

Country Road Christmas Catalogue

It was lovely to receive the Country Road Christmas catalogue in the mail last night. It's filled with lots of great gift ideas. I absolutely loved the cover which I have posted above.


It seems I am a little overloaded this week along with suffering an awful summer flu...may have to take a couple of days away from here. I promise I'll be back soon!


illustration by samantha hahn

Today I'm all Arty Farty

I've always been a fan of computer generated art, it's got a 3D quality better than some photographs. It looks good on your computer desktop or as a poster on the wall. But I like this art because it can take you to places that you'd like to be, even if they don't exist, only in your mind.

Living chess

Looks real enough, but it's just fantasy

One of favourites, but 7 strings?

Never been there.

I take the dog for walkies here, I don't remember seeing her.

A day to stay indoors. It looks very real to me.

Get out of my bathroom weirdo!

I'm into Templar stuff, fight the good fight etc. This picture eally tells a story, you can just imagine the conversation.

He's coming for yoooooooou!

Ever felt like this?

You enjoy your job then?

Better get home, the wife's waiting.

Friday Flowers

Here are some beautiful fresh pink peonies which I just arranged and placed on our entrance table at Black & Spiro along with a collection of other lovely things. Have a great weekend!


Christmas Card Idea

I love Anne Harwell's Christmas cards this year. They are available in a set of 8 at Anne's etsy store...

Black & Spiro Christmas Window

I've been meaning to post these photos of our Christmas windows at Black & Spiro which we installed last week. I feel like I am always one of the last stores in Brisbane to install Christmas! Anyway, I went for a very bright pink and yellow combination this year. I wanted to end 2009 on a lovely bright note!

PS. The wreath is made out of beautiful dried out Australian native bush {very hard to see from these pictures} which a lovely lady in Melbourne made for me. I then decorated the wreath with silver baubles tied on with torn strips of fabric and ribbon.

Christmas Gift Idea

This gift idea is one for the husbands even though I am sure there wouldn't be any husbands reading this blog!!

Last Christmas one of my client's husbands emailed me very last minute {as husbands do} asking for my help with a present for his wife. I found this beautiful Antique chair for him and had it quickly recovered in a pretty piece of fabric we had in stock. I think I turned the whole thing around in about 14 days which was a huge feat considering the chair came up from one of my dealers in Melbourne and also considering it was 2 weeks before Christmas which is our busiest time of year! His wife absolutely loved the chair and was so surprised by it's presence on Christmas morning. I think I would be in shock too if my husband thought about organising something like this for me.

Let me know if I can help any of your husbands with a gift this Christmas!!

In It's Home

You might remember this old Puerto Rican cabinet we had painted in a soft mint green which was in our Black & Spiro front window for a little while. I thought I would show you it in it's new home. My clients have placed it in their new kitchen which was still having the finishing touches done to it when I was there snapping away these photos this morning. The pink Smeg fridge is definitely something I covet along with the lovely set of old scales!!

Cheap DVD's. A chance to write something.

Not to many foto's this time.
I've decided to actually write something about the plethora of cheap DVD's they have here in Czech Republic. Mind you, with the amount I've been buying' it'd be cheaper to have Sky TV.
Never mind about that. You can buy all these cheap DVD’s that’d cost loads in the UK. I’ve watched every episode of Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased), so I now know all about which career to choose after I’m dead.
Last night I watched Dances with Wolves, wow!! I’d almost forgotten what a load of long winded tosh it was.
It’s about some illegal campers who are a bit weird and live somewhere out in the old American really Wild West. Anyway, after about 5 hours into the film, these campers come and watch this army guy in a one man fort (yeah, really), who’s making friends with some mangy looking stray dogs.
After another 3 hours, they’re all mates together and he discovers that these people all have stupid names and they give him one too. It’s something like “He who dances with wolves on a starry night somewhere out in the old American really Wild West.”
I ask you, what were they thinking about?
If’ I’d been in the film, I would have had a much better name, something like “ He who walks in danger, of dropping his kebab all over the pavement after 9 beers and 14 double Bacardi’s”
Another one was called “7 Bears”. 7 bears what exactly? 7 bears dragged him out of his tent and gave him a good kicking?
And another was “Grey Cloud”, Grey Cloud, coz it was the most exciting thing we could think up.
In real life, these loonies had names like, Geronimo, which is what you shout when you’re attacking a regiment of US Cavalry and you’ve only got a blunt little axe.

So, who can recommend some really good films for me to watch?

Christmas Gift Idea

For the friend or relative who has everything, I think these personalised paperweights from Iomoi make for a fantastic gift. A couple of Christmas' ago I gave all my girlfriends one of these and they loved them. I think they look great on a coffee table or bedside table clustered in a group. Maybe this could be the start of a collection of paper weights for your friend/relative! My only problem is choosing which one to go for as there are SO many gorgeous designs to select from!!

It's Autumn again!!

Well, the snow melted again, it's back up to normal autumn temperatures and I can take the dog out without having to worry about blizzards, whiteouts, lost cross-country skiiers etc.

I've taken a selection of desktop wallpapers from the internet that you can use on your office PC's and dream about being in a nicer place.

How's this for starters

Autumn swingers. Not that I go in for that sort of thing.

My favourite pic.

Somewhere in England, but it could be anywhere.

Just nice again.

Prague, this time of year.

This is more my area.

Only art, no-one goes out without shoes.